Why choose ABM.

A persuasive essay for Grade 10 students.

Many reasons why you should have to choose ABM instead of any track that have been given today — if you are an analytic person. ABM or Accountancy Business and Management is not just a one topic to studied about but three, which is important for our economic today. Whatever happened in your life choosing ABM than other choices would be a good and better decision because ABM will help you to stand up with your own.

Some reasons why ABM,

A day will not last without money, and that is one of the pros of choosing ABM because ABM focuses on the basic financial management which will help you to simply manage money and other Laws in a business. ABM will help you to be financially free — the most common dream of all people why they have to think the best of the other tracks.

All companies (including schools, Bakery, stores, all) needed an accountant, manager and other office literate. They will need a person that will organized their business papers which are all inline with ABM, this studies accounting, marketing and oral management, financing and etc. This courses offered by the ABM program will help you to be hired in a job easily. Because our economy needs a managers.

Compared to other jobs tracks, ABM students are aware on the Laws of a business, like Value added tax, taxes, and salaries and how this happened. Because ABM also studies about Taxation Laws (well actually Accounting) Financing and Accounting Laws and ABMs pros is that ABM are the owner while other tracks will be just an employees.

Choosing ABM track is just Choosing to be more future oriented because this program will not just give you learns but also knowledge to stand alone, to start a business and to be financially free without investing a large amount of money, but just a big risk and faith.

ABM track isn’t hard if you’ll be a persuasive person, ABM is jsut an awesome game that would make you crazy but at the sametime would make you cry with laughter. ABM just need a heart and a brain. So choose to be one of the DREAMERS, choose to be an ABM.


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