Blue Man

Tears of Blue Light and dark Filled it with a mark And turned it all, with all your sparks Smile, smile, smile and smile And don’t let yourself to be null You’re my life’s confection, My happiness’ injection I am the riddle A riddle that you can cuddle I am that stranger You’re life’s reviser […]

I should stop

I should stop thinking about you and me. I should stop thinking with you and me having a good relationship I should stop. This should not be on top There is no you on my cup There’s no head of you in my lap Because we are not. Not even close. I should stop I […]


You don’t know me by the way I am fearful Tearful Yet in front of you still cheerful It was such a meaningless tears Such a wordless fears. And everytime I remember how I treasured you Everytime I remember how I select ‘it was you’. I feel so stressful Fearful to remember how I lost […]

White Collar

Refers to employees whose job entails, largely or entirely, mental or clerical work, such as in an office. The term white collar work used to characterize non-manual workers, but now it refers to employees or professionals whose work is knowledge intensive, non-routine, and unstructured. Historically, in the West, clerical workers wore white shirt collars but […]

Breathe in pain

Breathe in pain Cry with this rain Go and hurt me again, It doesn’t matter! I’m with my rain I can cry I can accept the pain I can cry with the rain!!!! Ayoko na last na ‘yon

Seatmate no.12

Hi brian naaalala mo ba yan? Haha syempre hindi, drawing kasi yan ng stolen pic natin dalawa nung grade 9 😂 kunyari yan parin yung picture tapos ikecredit ko kay Veralyn Grabe kasi nakakamiss yung panahon na close close pa tayong lahat. Yung panahon na hindi pa ako nag kakacrush sayo? Haha may tatlong taon […]

Stranger no.11

Thank you Jake, kahit pano masaya yung 1st week of July ko. Sayang nga lang kasi plano ko itigil na. Ayoko na makipag palitan ng conversation sayo. Natatakot kasi ako na baka pag nag kita tayo layuan mo din ako….